acuity connect symbol

Acuity Connect: Collaboration Portal

Acuity Connect is a bi-directional web-based portal that allows physicians, collaborators and other external users to view a summary of member records, check eligibility, request and receive approvals, and collaborate with care team members.

  •   Fully integrated with the ACUITY platform
  •   Real-time transactions
  •   Auto Approval
  •   HIPAA compliant and ICD10 ready
  •   Workflow automation
  •   Role-based security
  •   Single sign on integration
  •   Interdisciplinary Care Team (ICT) support
  •   Care plan management
  •   Complete Assessments

acustrat symbol

AcuStrat: Data Management and Workflow Automation

AcuStrat is a data stratification and population health management tool that creates automated, actionable events based on customized business logic.

  •   Fully integrated with ACUITY and supporting software
  •   Easy to use interface
  •   Pre-configured filters
  •   Pre-configured automated actions

acucare symbol

AcuCare: Clinical Programs

AcuCare is clinical programs: evidence-based care planning to support asthma, heart failure, COPD, diabetes, coronary artery disease, and high risk pregnancy case and disease management programs.

  •    Standardized care planning content based on national guidelines
  •    Promotes clinical best practices
  •    Fully integrated with AcuStrat
  •    Includes educational materials and letters
  •    Generates outcomes reports
  •    Pediatric HRA
  •   Single Adolescent HRA
  •    Adult HRA
  •    PHQ9 Assessment

AcuPort symbol

AcuPort: Extraction. Transformation. Loading.

AcuPort is a user-friendly extract transform load utility that is fully integrated with ACUITY.

acutab symbol

AcuTab: View Data from Different Systems

AcuTab provides the ACUITY user with the ability to view data from other data sources within the ACUITY desktop.

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