TCS Healthcare Technologies is a leading developer of care management software

Our goal is to support best practices of healthcare management with the most cost-effective technology. Our clients include Health Plans, TPAs, ACOs and care coordination entities. We leverage our team’s extensive managed care experience and software development expertise to create a robust solution capable of satisfying each of our clients’ demanding business requirements.

We take pride in our managed care expertise that is the result of 30 years of software development for the managed care market.

Our US-based developers and nurse clinicians have significant managed care and technologyexperience. They work side by side in the development, implementation, and support of our products to meet each of our client's unique needs.At TCS, we believe Care Management software should be developed, "By Care Management Nurses, for Care Management Nurses."

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Comprehensive Technology Solutions forUtilization, Case, Disease & PopulationHealth Management

Our flagship platform, ACUITY Advanced Care™, is an integrated, user-friendly care management software application that provides flexibility to support the specific needs of case, utilization, disease and population health management programs. This leading program designed by managed care nurses also provides clients with the ability to develop unique, automated, operational workflows and processes to manage multiple lines of business. Additional add-ons for stratification and automation, import and display of disparate data, and automated batch printing can be selected from our ACUITY suite of products to fully optimize work management.

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