The TCS Healthcare team is made up of implementation experts. Not only do we adhere to industry-standard principles of project management, we listen to the voice of our end users and business leads. As a result, we have never failed an implementation of our products. Where our competitors have failed, we have succeeded. In the face of complexity, whether driven by varied lines of business or tight deadlines, TCS outperforms all others.

Configuration Services

All TCS products are developed and supported by our US-based technical team. TCS understands how valuable and hard it is to find solid technical resources. That’s why our technical team is here to help when our ACUITY Advanced Care clients need it. Beginning with implementation, our technical team assists and trains our client’s technical resources to confidently manage their ACUITY environment. TCS also provides service-level technical support for upgrades or other client projects.

Clinical Managed Care Operations Consulting

Our US-based TCS team includes experienced managed care nurses offering a wide array of support services regardless of what care management platform is in use. Our team of clinicians work with clients to develop care management workflows and processes that fit your business and meet regulatory standards. Additionally, our clinical team can provide basic managed care workflow training such as prior authorization, referrals management, and case management.