ACUITYnxt is “The Managed Care System Designed by Case Managers”

AUBURN, Calif.Nov. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — TCS Healthcare Technologies is excited to release ACUITYnxt 1.6.  ACUITYnxt is a secure, cloud-hosted solution providing risk-bearing organizations the ability to improve the health of their member populations while reducing avoidable healthcare costs.

This release includes advanced population risk stratification, deeper workflow automation, expanded clinical content, and an embedded data integration engine.  These enhancements provide the capability to use multiple external data sources to stratify members, automate program enrollment, and auto-schedule follow up actions.

TCS CEO, Deborah Keller, states, “Designing and operationalizing population health programs that truly impact health requires far more than data collection.  We understand that our clients need technology that helps them leverage their own resources in the most efficient way possible to positively impact as many lives as they can.  That translates to overcoming interoperability challenges and fully utilizing all data points in the member experience to decrease inefficient processes and eliminate dangerous blind spots.”

Keller notes, “We are so excited to offer this latest release of ACUITYnxt.  There is simply nothing else on the market that provides the flexibility to operationalize innovative population health programs while also supporting end users with an intuitive experience.  I am constantly humbled by the ability of our clinical and technical teams to collaborate in a way that results in software that is simply unmatched.”

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About TCS Healthcare Technologies:

TCS Healthcare Technologies (TCS) is a leading provider of software designed to support health plans, TPAs, ACOs and other risk-bearing organizations. The TCS team of US-based clinicians and developers are recognized for their best-in-class managed care expertise and customer support.

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