Prevention & Wellness Programs to Promote Health

Prevention and Wellness programs are important aspects of Population Health Management. The General Health and Wellness program which is included “out of box” for use within ACUITY Advanced care focus on common issues facing members today. Areas such as health maintenance, behavioral issues, health assessment, and patient motivation are included. Our programs offer stratification logic to identify members who may need these early identification programs to prevent them from having a more serious health issue in the future.

The clinical content includes a general health assessment and as well as specific screening assessments to identify both medical and social needs, such as end-of-life decision making. Many of the assessments automatically trigger care plans which can be edited to be member specific. as well as to include life care planning options. ACUITY can assist with ensuring your patient population is healthy.

Stratification & Identification

  • Integrated with AcuStrat as a Population
    Management Tool
  • Searches for expected preventive services
    by age, gender, diagnosis, or other specific
  • Identifies gaps in care
  • Identifies noncompliance issues
  • Monitors medication adherence
  • Identifies quality issues

Care Programs for General Health & Wellness

  • Physical activity and general fitness
  • Nutrition and diet
  • Depression/substance abuse
  • Weight control
  • Smoking cessation
  • Life Care Planning