Termination and Return of Data Policy

Return of Data Policy is defined in ACUITY Advanced Care EULA, Effect of Termination.


The following policy outlines the ACUITYNXT Termination and Return of Data policy as referenced in the ACUITYNXT Terms of Service Agreement, Section 30 (a) – Effects of Termination. This document will be updated on a regular basis to ensure regulatory compliance, updated product features and operational efficiency.

The Customer data will be provided in Microsoft Excel format, with the data elements outlined in Appendix A – Termination Data Elements.

Questions/Answers about Termination

  1. If I terminate my contract with ACUITYNXT, will I have an opportunity to download my data?
    1. TCS, Account Management team will submit a ticket on behalf of your termination to extract data from your account. Once data has been extracted, you will no longer have access to your ACUITYNXT account.
  1. What happens to my data after the actual termination date?
    1. TCS, will continue to retain the Customer’s data for an additional 30 days after terminate date.
  1. During the 3- day Data Retention Period, will ACUITYNXT continue to maintain privacy, security and integrity of my data as defined by HIPAA?
    1. Yes, TCS will continue to extend the protections of the BAA agreement during the data retention period.
  1. How will I receive my data from TCS Healthcare?
    1. TCS, will return your data to you by leveraging our standard file distribution method of Box.com.

Appendix A –Termination Data Elements


Case: A member’s identification and/or enrollment for a case program.

Case Diagnosis: Diagnosis’s for a given case.

Case Procedures: Procedures for a given case.

Medical Consults: Reviews between members and medical consultants.

Next Actions: Documented and/or scheduled activity with a member.

Touches: Outreach attempts to a member.

Care Team: A list of actors contributing/collaborating for a given member or case.


Company: Insurance Companies.


Non-Members: Individuals without coverage that are related to or involved with member care.

Organizations: Organizations that are involved with member care.


Medications: A medication that has been prescribed to or taken by a member.

Medication Reconciliation: Medication-specific information from when a member’s medications were reviewed.

Reconciliation Summary: A review overview of a member’s medications.


Additional Names:Secondary names for a member, e.g. maiden names, nick names, etc.

Advance Directive: Advanced directives for members.

Allergies: Member Allergies.

Bone Marrow Donor: Member bone marrow donor information.

Disabilities: Member disability information.

DME: Member durable medical equipment information.

Eligibility Coverage: Coverage information and dates for members.

Languages: Member languages.

Member: Individuals receiving services and/or has insurance coverage.

Note:User-entered textual documentation that can be attached to various record types.

Organ Donor: Member organ donor information.

Person: Member profile and demographic information.

Vision: Member vision information.